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1206 Jordan Cusack - Blair McFarlane Doutta Stars Cricket Club Kookaburra Sports Senior Seconds8 1 Tullamarine
2285 Samuel Stagg - Aaron Cheesley Yarraville Club Cricket Club Kookaburra Sports Senior Seconds4 1 Tullamarine
3251 Konrad Kurta - Andrew Cullen Yarraville Club Cricket Club Kookaburra Sports Senior Division4 1 Tullamarine
4259 Asela Rangana Dasanayaka Aluthge - Troy Stone Sunshine Cricket Club North A14 1 Caroline Springs
5218 Saman Gonawala - Muhammad Afzal Sunshine Heights Cricket Club North / West B13 1 Point Cook
6169 Leigh Forbes - J'den Newbegin Spotswood Cricket ClubKookaburra Sports Senior Seconds3 1 Greenvale Kangaroos
7129 Shanaka Silva - Ameya Naik Sydenham / Hillside Cricket Club North A110 1 Moonee Valley
81000 James Bartlett - Paul Davies Melton South Cricket ClubWest A25 1 Grand United
91027 Jye Temple - Jackson Groves-Koeleman Grand United Cricket Club North \ West U176 1 Westmeadows
103003 James Jeffery - Damien Douge Aberfeldie Cricket Club North West Division9 1 Airport West St Christophers

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