The VTCA may vary published fixtures where necessary and advise the participating clubs.

Where a club wishes to play a match which varies from the fixtured draw, the following rules apply:



i)       The aim of the VTCA is to play as much cricket as possible

ii)      We aim to adhere to the fixtured draw, save that where possible all First XI matches will be played on Saturday.

iii)     We aim to have all pitches/wickets ready for play by Day One in each season.

iv)          We understand that this may not be achievable and will accommodate, where reasonable, variations to allow play to take place.

v)            The VTCA will not consider changing a Saturday fixtured game to a Sunday without the agreement of both clubs, but Board of Management approval is not guaranteed.


Application to vary fixture

Where a club wishes to play a match that varies from the fixture, it must make a written application to the VTCA Administrator by 6:00pm on the Wednesday prior to the game.  The VTCA will consider late applications in exceptional circumstances.  The application must provide the:

i)       reason for the proposed alteration to the fixture

ii)      proposed new fixturing of the match (ie: where, when, etc.)

iii)     a list of the rejected alternatives by both clubs, and their reasons.

iv)      written agreement to the alteration from the opposition club


VTCA Criteria

The VTCA will consider such applications and apply criteria including the following:

i)       Examining the reason for the application, particularly as to whether the home club is culpable for not having its wicket available for play as fixtured.

ii)      No match will be moved simply to avoid local inclement weather conditions.

iii)     Two day games will be played over two weekends

iv)      The choice between the proposal and alternative options

v)       In any determination on ground availability, a First XI match will be given precedence, ie: a lower grade match can be moved.

vi)      Where the opposition do not agree to the proposed change, the VTCA must determine whether, in the interests of cricket, a change should be approved.  

vii)     Where the opposition do agree to a change but do not agree to the proposed new fixturing and propose a different alternative, the VTCA will determine the appropriate fixturing, taking into account any inconvenience caused to the opposition.

viii)    In considering the choice of alternative venues we propose the following order of priority.

A First XI Saturday game must be played on a Saturday at:

1.                       the opposition ground.

2.                       the home club’s lower eleven ground

3.                       the opposition club’s lower eleven ground

4.                       another VTCA club’s vacant ground


Where a lower XI match is altered from the Saturday, then the same order of criteria will apply for a venue on the Sunday.



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