1.      Where a player, during the course of a game, suffers an injury which causes bleeding then the Umpires shall decide that player must immediately retire from the game until such time as First Aid has been administered to prevent further bleeding.  He cannot resume playing unless the bleeding has stopped or the wound is securely covered.

 2.      A batsman who is injured and has temporarily retired under Clause 1, or has retired after sustaining any injury and who is unable to return after the fall of the ninth wicket, shall be deemed Retired Hurt and the innings of the batting team shall be deemed closed.

 3.      Where an injury occurs to a batsman involved in the tenth wicket partnership, a maximum of ten minutes will be allowed in order to conform with Clause 1.  Where this injury occurs within 10 minutes of the scheduled tea adjournment, tea shall be taken immediately with no extra time being added.

           If that batsman is unable to continue within the ten minute time limit, then he shall be deemed Retired Hurt and the innings of the batting team shall be deemed closed.

4.      There shall be no reduction in the number of overs to be bowled when time is lost due to an injury.

5.      ALL home teams shall provide a First Aid Kit to be available at the ground for the use of both competing teams.

          Such a Kit shall comprise, as a minimum standard:

          Bandages, Cotton Wool, Gauze, Adhesive Plaster, Band Aids, Closures, Scissors, Tweezers, Antiseptic, Disposable Gloves, Ice Pack, Disposable Plastic Bags.

6.         Penalty for not providing an adequate First Aid Kit – 1 penalty unit



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