The VTCA in Rule A101 adopts the Laws of Cricket. “The Spirit of Cricket” is part of the Laws of Cricket and therefore applicable to VTCA matches.
Further we have adopted and refined for our purposes the Cricket Australia Code of Behaviour and produce it below.
Cricket is a game that owes much of its unique appeal to the fact that it is to be played not only within its Laws, but also within the spirit of the game. Any action seen as abusing this spirit causes injury to the game itself.
Embracing the spirit of the game means participating, either as a player or as an official, fairly and exhibiting respect for other players and officials and the game’s traditional values such as graciousness in defeat and humility in victory.
Cricket has a distinct place in Australian society and history. As an element in Australia’s national identity, cricket plays a significant role. This status brings with it particular responsibilities for players and officials to conform to high standards of fair play and personal behaviours on and off the field.
This Code of Behaviour is intended to protect and enshrine such important qualities and standards so that all may continue to enjoy the game of cricket now and in the future.
No player, umpire, club official, club member or club representative shall at any time, engage in conduct unbecoming to the game of cricket, or act in any way that is detrimental to the game of cricket.
2.             VILIFICATION
No player, umpire, club official, club member or club representative shall use language or gestures that offend, insult, humiliate, intimidate, threaten, disparage or vilify another person on the basis of that person’s race, religion, colour, descent, sexuality or national or ethnic origin.
Players shall not:
(a)    Disrespect an umpire
(b)    Show dissent at an umpire’s decision by word, gesture or action
(c)    Engage in excessive appealing
(d)    Delay their departure when given out    
(e)    Charge or advance towards the umpire in an aggressive manner when appealing
(f)     Intimidate or attempt to intimidate an umpire whether by language or conduct
(g)    Verbally abuse an umpire
(h)    Threaten to assault an umpire
(i)     Physically assault an umpire
4.             OFFENCES BY PLAYERS
Players shall not:
(a)     Abuse cricket equipment or clothing, ground equipment or fixtures and fittings in clubrooms
(b)     Deliberately waste time
(c)     Consume alcohol either on or off the ground during any match 
(d)     Use language or make a gesture that is obscene, offensive or of a generally insulting nature to another player, official or spectator
(e)     Point or gesture towards the pavilion in an aggressive manner upon the dismissal of a batsman
(f)      Engage in inappropriate and deliberate physical contact with other players or officials
(g)     Deliberately and maliciously distract or obstruct another player or official on the field of play
(h)     Throw the ball at or near a player or official in an inappropriate and/or dangerous manner
(i)      Threaten to assault another player, team official or spectator
(j)      Physically assault another player, official or spectator
(k)     Engage in any act of violence on the field of play
(l)      Give false or misleading evidence to a Tribunal
5.             CAPTAINS
According to the Spirit of Cricket rules in the Laws of Cricket “the captains are responsible at all times for ensuring that play is conducted within the spirit of the game as well as within the laws.” 
Captains shall:
(a)     Brief players on the behaviour requirements
(b)     Request that players conduct themselves in a manner that conforms to the traditional image and spirit of the game of cricket
(c)     Ensure that players abide by fair rather than unfair play
(d)     Instruct players to avoid wasting time    
Where an umpire is of the view that a Captain has not controlled or made appropriate effort to control a player who is breaching or has breached this Code of Behaviour, that captain shall be reported for such failure.  



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