Frank held the office of Vice President of the VJCA throughout the 1950s and 60s. During the
occupancy of the position he served with distinction on a number of Sub Committees. He was
an enthusiastic participant in the touring parties of that era, earning the respect and friendship
of players and officials from the opposition as well as his fellow travellers.


Premiers Runners Up
 2020/21 Sunshine United Doutta Stars 
 2019/20 St. Albans Yarraville Club
2018/19 Strathmore Doutta Stars
2017/18 Yarraville Club Doutta Stars
2016/17 Yarraville Club Greenvale Kangaroos
2015/16 South Caulfield Greenvale Kangaroos
2014/15 Yarraville Club South Caulfield
2013/14 Yarraville Club South Caulfield
2012/13 Old Mentonians Greenvale
2011/12 Yarraville Club Beaumaris
2010/11 Yarraville Club Bentleigh
2009/10 Yarraville Club Airport West / St. Christopher's
2008/09 Yarraville Club Airport West / St. Christopher's
2007/08 Doutta Stars Keilor
2006/07 Yarraville Club Keilor
2005/06 Yarraville Club Keilor
2004/05 Doutta Stars Yarraville Club
2003/04 Keilor Yarraville Club
2002/03 Keilor Yarraville Club
2001/02 Beaumaris Old Paradians
2000/01 Doutta McKinnon
1999/00 Bentleigh Old Paradians
1998/99 Doutta Stars Seddon
1997/98 Mentone M.H.S.O.B
1996/97 Old Paradians Doutta Stars
1995/96 Old Paradians Seddon
1994/95 M.H.S.O.B Chelsea
1993/94 M.H.S.O.B Hampton
1992/93 Bentleigh Seddon
1991/92 Highett Spotswood
1990/91 South Caulfield Bentleigh
1989/90 Nth Caulfield\Glenhuntly South Caulfield
1988/89 Royal Park\Brunswick Old Essendon Grammarians
1987/88 Royal Park\Brunswick Hampton
1986/87 Old Essendon Grammarians East Malvern
1985/86 Old Essendon Grammarians Watsonia
1984/85 Bentleigh Royal Park\Brunswick
1983/84 East Malvern South Caulfield
1982/83 East Malvern McKinnon
1981/82 East Malvern Hampton
1980/81 McKinnon South Caulfield
1979/80 East Malvern Highett
1978/79 Moorabbin Park Murrumbeena
1977/78 Murrumbeena Brunswick District
1976/77 Bentleigh South Caulfield
1975/76 Bentleigh McKinnon
1974/75 Murrumbeena South Caulfield
1973/74 Flemington & Kensington Altona
1972/73 Spotswood Frankston
1971/72 Highett McKinnon
1970/71 Flemington & Kensington Bentleigh
1969/70 Flemington & Kensington Bentleigh
1968/69 Bentleigh Flemington & Kensington
1967/68 Glenhuntly Brunswick City
1966/67 Murrumbeena Glenhuntly
1965/66 East Malvern Flemington & Kensington
1964/65 Brunswick City Richmond District
1963/64 Moorabbin Glenhuntly
1962/63 Brunswick City Carnegie
1961/62 Carnegie Brunswick City
1960/61 Richmond City Carnegie
1959/60 Youlden-Kensington Glenhuntly
1958/59 Flemington & Kensington Carnegie
1957/58 Murrumbeena Richmond District
1956/57 Glenhuntly Clifton Hill
1955/56 Carnegie Bentleigh
1954/55 Flemington & Kensington Brunswick City
1953/54 Richmond City Flemington & Kensington
1952/53 Brunswick City Richmond District
1951/52 Brunswick City Carnegie
1950/51 Windsor Youlden (Kensington)
1949/50 Brunswick City Richmond City
1948/49 Richmond City Richmond District
1947/48 Richmond City Glenhuntly
1946/47 Brunswick City Oakleigh
1945/46 Brunswick City Richmond District
1944/45 Richmond District Carnegie
1943/44 Clifton Hill Flemington & Kensington
1942/43 Richmond District Brunswick City
1941/42 Richmond District Richmond City
1940/41 Richmond District Flemington & Kensington
1939/40 Oakleigh Flemington & Kensington
1938/39 Clifton Hill ANA Flemington & Kensington
1937/38 Richmond District Flemington & Kensington
Flemington & Kensington (Group 2) Richmond City
1936/37 Richmond District (Group 1) Oakleigh
Flemington & Kensington (Group 2) Austral
1935/36 Carnegie (Group 1) Richmond City
Fitzroy Footballers ( A Div) University High School
1934/35 Oakleigh (Senior Div) Flemington & Kensington
1933/34 Flemington & Kensington Fairfield
1932/33 Oakleigh Fitzroy Footballers
1931/32 Fitzroy Footballers Richmond City
1930/31 Sth Melb Footballers Richmond District
1930/31 Fitzroy Footballers South Ports
1929/30 Richmond District Clifton Hill ANA
1928/29 Richmond District Clifton Hill ANA
1927/28 Clifton Hill ANA Richmond City
1926/27 Clifton Hill ANA Sth Melb Footballers
1925/26 Williamstown District Flemington & Kensington
1924/25 Richmond District Brunswick City
1923/24 Flemington & Kensington Havelock
1922/23 Sth Melb Footballers Brunswick City
1921/22 Yarraville Brunswick City
1920/21 Havelock Yarraville
1919/20 Fitzroy Footballers Havelock
1918/19 Havelock Yarraville
1917/18 Middle Park Preston
1916/17 Sth Melb Footballers Yarraville
1915/16 Sth Melb Footballers Fitzroy Footballers
1914/15 Sth Melb Footballers Preston
1913/14 Sth Melb Footballers Clifton Hill ANA
1912/13 Fitzroy Footballers Middle Park
1911/12 Sth Melb Footballers Footscray
1910/11 Footscray Sth Melb Footballers
1909/10 Sth Melb Footballers Clifton Hill ANA
1908/09 Sth Melb Footballers Footscray
1907/08 Sth Melb Footballers Footscray
1906/07 Sth Melb Footballers Brunswick
1905/06 La Mascotte Sth Melb Footballers
1904/05 Denham St. Wesleys Sth Melb Footballers
1903/04 Brunswick Northern District
Season Premiers Runners Up



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The Victorian Turf Cricket Association are thrilled to announce we have acquired a new Corporate Partner which will be a great asset to our member clubs Read more