Umpires Fees Season 2018/19

Payment Rule A73 
A73.1 Match Fees shall be fixed by the Board of Management and shall be paid by the two competing Clubs in equal proportions prior to the resumption of play after the tea break. A fine of 1 penalty unit will be imposed for late payment.

 Fees 2018/19 Season



1st X1 Senior Division

$150 each


1st X1 North / West Divisions

$140 each

1st X1 North/West A1 & B1, North A1, West B1$130 each

Other 80 over per day games

$130 each


Saturday 72 over per day Games

$110 each


One Day Divisions (Saturday or Sunday)

$110 each


Sunday Under 18's



VTCA 20/20 Trophy$80 each$80