VTCA Wishing to Introduce a Ladies Division for 2017/18
Date of Event : Tue Apr 4, 2017 12:55PM

Hi All,

As we have indicated over the past 18 months through various forums, the VTCA are keen on establishing a Ladies Division within VTCA cricket for the upcoming season 2017/18. With a strong push from Cricket Australia and at local government level, we feel the time is right to give our clubs the opportunity of presenting female cricket sides for club participation.
To ensure quality cricket we would hope some existing clubs with female sides in other associations would consider bringing their sides over to the VTCA but ideally we are keen for clubs who do not have teams to consider putting a side together.
The association will also strongly support if two or more clubs who feel they could not get sufficient numbers for a stand alone side, to look at putting together an amalgamated side from two or more clubs and you call the side whatever you feel necessary, this would also help with ground sharing.
As clubs should now be aware, there are a number of grants available through various means for clubs to acquire funding in starting up female sides, the VTCA are also happy to support in any way possible.
If your club would like to consider the possibility of putting together a team and would like further information please give me a call and I am keen to discuss this matter further.
If clubs are interesting in bringing an existing side into the VTCA or a confident in starting a new team, could you please advise us by 1st June 2017.
We feel this is an exciting opportunity for both clubs and the association to embrace a rapidly growing area and we are really looking forward to presenting our first ladies division in a very long time.

Look froward to hearing from you in relation to this matter.

Yours in Cricket,

Steve McNamara
VTCA President 

Last updated: Tuesday April 4, 2017 12:59PM
Author: Steve McNamara



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