Date of Event Victorian Turf Cricket Association: Wed Jun 12, 2019 6:29PM

The Victorian Turf Cricket Association are thrilled to announce that two new clubs will be entering the association from season 2019/20. The Sunbury Cricket Club and the Sanctuary Lakes Cricket Club have submitted applications to join the association in recent months and at our most recent board meeting both applications were tabled and discussed, with the board unanimously endorsing both applications for admittance for this forthcoming season.

Sunbury has been a club that the VTCA has been in discussions with for some time as this region is in desperate need of turf cricket representation and is geographically central to the VTCA's strategic planning model for expansion which the board presented to our clubs two seasons ago in a rapidly growing municipality. 

Sunbury is a huge club with a tremendously hard working administration led by President Brendan Doyle, they have had a long term vision of participating on turf and have worked extremely hard to achieve that objective. 

Similarly Sanctuary Lakes Cricket Club has grown enormously since their inception in 2012 and also have had a strong master plan that included facilitating the introduction of turf cricket to the club. They have also worked diligently to get themselves to this point and the foresight displayed by President Paul Pritchard and his deputy Wade Brittnell were primary reasons the board were so impressed by their presentation to join our association.

As President of the VTCA I am delighted that these two clubs have come on board from two distinct areas of considerable growth which will only help these clubs develop a strong foothold within their local areas and will ensure they can help retain current players who have wanted to experience playing turf cricket.

Both clubs have expressed a desire at some point to introduce a women's team which also augers well and sits in line with our strategic model for growth and provides that further opportunity for ladies to play cricket on turf at a grass roots level ensuring women or girls of all ability have the chance to have a go, not just the most talented.

"Sunbury Cricket Club will now offer its members and the Sunbury community an alternative option to play high level VTCA cricket. SCC lower grade senior teams and junior divisions will remain within the GDCA. The SCC Executive Committee believe this is an opportunity in advancing and securing the long term future of the club", Club President Brendan Doyle wrote to members.

Sanctuary Lakes Vice President Wade Brittnell added, "As a growing club, we see this as an important step in our future. 

We have plans to continually grow our club to build on the solid base that exists with our junior cricket program and Woolworth's Cricket Blast. It is important for us to provide a pathway for our junior cricketers to progress into the senior ranks."

From a VTCA perspective and on behalf of all member clubs, I welcome both Sunbury and Sanctuary Lakes Cricket Clubs to our association and we look forward to them taking the field this season with great confidence that both clubs will become very successful in our association as they establish their own foothold within our ranks.

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Author: Steve McNamara



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